NO to Black Friday

Packaging polo silk scarves
Dear friends,
We have decided not to participate in Black Friday, or any other usual discount events, because our goal is to offer the best possible service and drive your attention towards creative and exclusive objects, not to massive sales or clearances.

We would be happy if you choose from our collection the object you really like, and wear it for a very long time with joy, not to put it away in the bottow of your closet.

Also, we support the idea of fashion sustainability in our local European production and we use eco-friendly materials. We would like you to join us to be more sustainability conscious when consuming.

Because we create small collections with a limited stock, the cost of producing them is higher than for big companies. In our production we prefer to use handcraft work, you may note that each of the scarves in our collection has hand finished edges. We also offer eco-friendly packaging (made in the UK).
For our clients, we have special and exclusive offers several times during the year, which are informed and sent to you by email.

Your support to small companies such ours helps us keep in the market and gives us the chance to grow, to show and develop our talent, to follow our dreams and to create something new for you. We value and cherish you friendship and support.

Katerina Morgan team