Looking for luxurious gifts for polo lifestyle lovers?

12 benefits why the polo silk scarf is the best choice: 


- Silk is synonym of luxury due to its soft feeling, shine and elegant appearance; a top pick fabric in the high-end fashion design. The strength of the material, together with its color nuances, make silk ideal for accessories. Silk is great for Summer clothing due to its absorbent nature and how it wicks moisture. It is also a great choice to wear in Winter due to its low conductive properties. 

- Original and modern design with horse polo motifsMade in a limited edition and not sold in Malls, you will obtain a unique piece. Besides, the image of polo, the Sport of Kings, closely relates to an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle.  

- A timeless piece. Silk scarfs are always fashionable by matching all kinds of clothes, giving vibrant colors to a classic and formal office outfit, or making street style clothing special when hanging out with friendsVery comfortable and handy for traveling light. With just a few clothes and different ways of tying, silk scarves will help you assemble many great outfits. In Summer time, silk scarfs protect your throat against air conditioning at the same time that make you look beautiful, warm and comfortable. 

- Because silk scarfs come in a single size, it is very easy for men and women to give it as a present to their loved ones, and for a more formal gift to a business partner. No one will get it wrong as in the case of buying something to wear. Silk scarves come in a branded packaging specially prepared for a present, in a box with ribbon and a bag to conceal its content.


- Silk scarves are handy accessories to be worn all year. There are multiple ways of tying them (here is our article on some of them - 9 TRENDY IDEAS TO TIE TWILLY SILK SCARVES). Around your neck, on your head, as ponytail holders and as decorating accessories to your purse and tote handles.

- Silk scarves may be used as home decor; they are an easy and original way of decorating the walls of your place. They may be placed in your living-room, dressing room or bedroom. Also in your children´s bedroom; they will surely love the image of the colorful horse and rider. Besides, the price of a silk scarf is not as expensive as a painting but, nevertheless, it has a fine silk texture and a luxurious polo image which makes it a valuable work of art. 


- Silk scarves are elegant, they upgrade and highlight any outfit. Silk scarves have the power to turn your look from simple into sophisticated. To your inspiration, we have created our blog with ideas to wear and many outfits for you to choose from. You are free to subscribe and weekly receive an email with new ideas. 


- Trendy and expressing your individuality. The many ways of wearing silk scarves give people the ability to show their personality with style and, speciallyhelp women feel unique. Silk scarves are the perfect accessory for those that like being trendy and fashionable. 


- Variety of colors. Every woman may find her favorite color; strong and vibrant like red or green, or classical, like navy or beige. Women may complement their outfits depending on the season, mood or special occasion. Women like caching the attention in the streets - a single color outfit with a vibrant colorful silk scarf is your perfect choice to do that. A basic jean and t-shirt look stops being simple to become sophisticated. A combination of colors and a matching colorful silk scarf will make a great outfit by gracefully assembling every piece of your look.   


- A scarf made of 100% silk, a natural material, is eco-friendly. The whole process of making a silk scarf is hand crafted and manufactured in Italy. It uses authorized products and pigments. Also, for our packaging produced in the UK, we use biodegradable and recycling materials. Besides, a high quality silk scarf lasts many years, which is an excellent idea to care about the environment by consuming less resources.


- Silk is good for your skin. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating, which makes it an optimal choice for sensitive skin. This delicate material also helps regulate your temperature, not too hot in Summer, not too cold in Autumn. Protein-based smooth silk fibers help keeping your skin moisturized. Beauty tip: wrap a silk scarf around your head when you sleep, and it will help to keep your hair soft, moisturized and will also hold your hairstyle one more day! 


- The durability of silk scarves makes them a good investment for long-lasting gifts because women will wear them for many years. They will feel silk scarves are an essential part of their outfits. If you assess the cost per day of using a silk scarf, you will realize how cheap it is (for instance, using a silk scarf once a week during three years, the cost would be of almost USD 2, less than a cup of coffee for a luxurious piece of clothing). After wearing a silk scarf for a long time, you may hang it on the walls of your place as a work of art that will last even longer.


And last but not least, silk scarves are a beautiful gift for birthdays and Christmas, and they make a good surprise for an anniversary and to lovely express your feelings if you just like to make someone happy without the need of a special occasion🙂.