About brand

Katerina Morgan is the first ever conceived fashion brand creating its own designs based on truthful and original pictures of real TOP polo players, unique star people, worldwide. Every piece tells its awesome story. 

Exclusive items meant to be your future favorite to wear day by day during the years, thanks to excellent manufacture and outstanding quality of the silk used. Scarves produced in an Italian factory specialized in luxurious goods for recognized brands worldwide. Edges of each scarf are hand rolled.

Katerina Morgan is an exceptional and authentic brand.

Creator and founder Katerina Morgan is a successful polo photographer with ten years of experience. Among her clients there are royal families, polo players and clubs from different countries, e.g. Argentina, Brunei, Canada, France, Spain, Thailand, USA.   

Katerina Morgan started her fashion brand by experiencing with the polo players pictures she had taken around the world, looking for creative ideas to do something brand-new and interesting. She had, then, the idea to design and produce silk scarves to facilitate people to come closer with this elegant and amazing sport.   

Horse polo is a fascinating human activity with a great history, and the combination of horse and player is esthetically unique and beautiful, dynamic and strong, really Kings of the sport. Both polo history and such appealing image make a perfect match to be printed in silk, and chic, classy accessories. A great complement of a sophisticated outfit for every occasion.   

Proud to produce in the EU, we support Italian artisans and craft art. We use only natural materials (silk 100%), and believe in fashion based on environmental sustainability. 

Buy less, choose well, wear high quality garments and wear your silk scarf for many years is our philosophy. And If you get bored of wearing your silk scarf, you can decorate your home with it.   

For packaging we use paper boxes, please do not discard the box. Keep your chic and delicate silk scarf inside the box to extend its life in great conditions. Avoid throwing so much trash to help environment keep clean. 

Our main goal is offer many classy items with polo images and promote horse polo worldwide.