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Polo & Luxury Magazine Switzerland 

POLO&LUXURY – for over eight years the encyclopedia of the international scene of polo sport and ultimate advisor for international very affluent individuals.
This exclusive coffee table book is unique in the world and reaches individuals of the highest purchasing power who love the polo sport and cultivate and enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. The POLO&LUXURY is the ultimate magazine of the international polo world. With exclusive reports it connects the sport of kings with their luxury lifestyle. 

Polo Lifestyles is a monthly, modern luxury publication curated around the jet-set and glamorous world of professional polo.
A magazine created for people who are passionate about experiencing their Polo and its lifestyle. LA POLO places Polo and bespoke luxury in the context of culture and the world we live in, always leading readers to what will happen next. Thought-provoking, relevant and always influential, LA POLO redefines the “sport of the Kings”.
Pololine - The best media outlet, covering the best polo around the world everyday.

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