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Simpor horse polo silk scarf 90

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Silk twill horse polo style silk scarf with hand rolled edges.
This design is a part of a limited collection with only 12 scarves of each color.
You get a certificate with the scarf number.
With silk horse polo scarves you can create different elegant outfits for a classy lifestyle and upgrade effortlessly your casual wardrobe day by day.
  • Material: 100% silk twill. 
  • Hand finished edges.
  • Measures 90 x 90 cm.
  • Made in Italy
  • Shipping from Spain.

    Scarf idea inspired by

    Simpor ladies horse polo silk scarf

    Simpor is the name of Brunei Darussalam national flower, and leitmotif of this scarf. It is actually the first silk scarf ever conceived in the history of fashion dedicated to ladies´ polo. This design is dedicated to an exceptional woman, the only woman in Brunei who plays polo, Her Highness Princess Azemah.

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